End Your Frustration with MPLS Costs and Complexity

The wide area network (WAN) is the focal point of your business, yet the escalating costs and complexity of MPLS is holding back your business growth. But what if you could use the combination of two low-cost Internet connections to get fast, secure and reliable connectivity to any of your cloud and native applications?

End your frustration today and watch this webinar: "End Your Frustration with MPLS Costs and Complexity." You will hear from Chris Rogers, Silver Peak and Peter Christy, 451 Research to learn:

  • How you can use the Internet to achieve fast and reliable connectivity to cloud and native applications
  • How to seamlessly transition from expensive and complex MPLS connectivity to more efficient and secure use of the Internet
  • How a WAN multi-path approach can reduce brown-outs and more effectively utilize your WAN links

Learn how you can overcome legacy MPLS WAN constraints with new WAN multi-path technology.