GMS demo: A day in the life of a Silver Peak user

This is a demonstration of Silver Peak's web-based Global Management Systems (GMS). Silver Peak GMS gives customers all the tools needed to centrally configure, monitor and manage a Silver Peak-enabled wide area network (WAN).Customers enjoy fast deployment, simplified device management, centralized monitoring, and extensive reporting capabilities. Silver Peak products can be pre-provisioned and then automatically discovered using the automated deployment wizard, including implementation of your own custom policies. Silver Peak GMS also makes day-to-day administration easier with scheduled configuration backups and automatic updates. Easy-to-use dashboards provide essential real-time information, such as device status and usage statistics, WAN metrics, and alarms. And with real-time and historical reporting, you have all the information you need for capacity management, network planning, auditing, troubleshooting, ROI analysis, and SLA enforcement.
Evaluation, Best Practices, Informational