Progressive Financial cashes in with Silver Peak WAN optimization

Progressive Financial Services has deployed Silver Peak data center class WAN optimization to accelerate file transfers, optimize communications and ensure application integrity between multiple offices and its data center.

The network is comprised of an MPLS network connecting to a central data center. Remote offices use and access data that is centrally located.

UDP, TCP, VoIP, RDP, HTTP/S are all protocols that Progressive is leveraging.

Progressive chose Silver Peak because it is not application-based. Silver Peak has the capabilities to accelerate all traffic.

"We have not found a traffic type it cannot accelerate...," unlike the competitors that are application and version based.

"We have seen about an 85% increase in WAN speed."

"In the file repository, opening a PDF file would take 3-4 minutes, and with Silver Peak, that same file is near LAN speed...3-4 seconds."

"As the traffic as increased, we have not had to go out and increase our MPLS pipeline...and that is definitely a substantial cost savings."

"One of the primary benefits from a return on investment standpoint is productivity. The users have been able to access the applications and use them in a manner that has increased productivity."

"A lot of our applications are custom, so to get an appliance that could meet those needs, Silver Peak really was the only choice."

Measuring Results