SD-WAN Deployment Options

Enterprises implementing an SD-WAN solution have a range of options for designing, procuring, deploying and managing ongoing operations.

They can choose:

  • A “do it yourself” (DIY) approach
  • DIY with a third-party integrator to assist with the initial configuration and deployment
  • Select a co-managed SD-WAN service from an MSP that enables some ongoing management functions to be performed by the enterprise
  • Select a fully managed service from a managed service provider (MSP) that also provides network connectivity

The DIY approach is appealing to enterprises that have in-house expertise in managing their WAN environment and have invested the time to evaluate and select an SD-WAN solution that addresses their connectivity requirements. In this model, enterprises procure, own, deploy and manage the SD-WAN equipment, software and network connectivity. Third-party integrators can assist enterprise IT organizations with deployment, installation and initial configuration. However, ongoing management, administration and problem resolution will be the responsibility of the enterprise.

A co-managed SD-WAN service provides enterprises with the flexibility to view or self-manage their application and security policies, while enabling the MSP to manage the overall connectivity, customer experience and network SLAs by paying a monthly service bill.

A fully managed SD-WAN service provides enterprise IT organizations with a turnkey solution to manage global hybrid network connectivity and also provide visibility into application performance across the organization’s networks.

Defining DIY, Integration Services, Co-managed and Fully Managed

Defining DIY, Integration Services, Co-managed and Fully Managed

SD-WAN Implementation Guideline

The following table is a reference for enterprises to evaluate the implementation model that best suits their requirements. This table identifies responsibilities, benefits and dependencies associated with each of the implementation choices.

SD-WAN Implementation Guideline

SD-WAN Implementation Checklist

There are a number of SD-WAN implementation tasks that enterprise IT orgaizations must consider for any SD-WAN deployment. For the following checklist, the DIY column is labeled in gold where enterprise IT responsible for all of the listed tasks. For the other deployment options, the green indicates that the partner is responsible as the primary owner of the task deliverable. The plum and aqua indicate that the 3rd party integrator and service provider, respectively is responsible for those task deliverables.

SD-WAN Implementation Checklist

Silver Peak Advantages for SD-WAN Projects

Silver Peak supports each of the four SD-WAN implementation options available to the enterprise IT organization. If an enterprise chooses to deploy, configure and manage an SD-WAN themselves, Silver Peak provides the tools, training (both on-line and in-class), including supporting documentation resources available to help guide IT through the implementation process for a successful Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect™ SD-WAN deployment.

If the enterprise chooses to procure the SD-WAN platform and prefers to employ a professional third-party implementation partner, Silver Peak has a network of certified Authorized Deployment Partners (ADP) with the skills and expertise to help with the SD-WAN implementation and rollout.

Silver Peak also has an extensive list of global Service Provider Partners and System Integrator Partners for enterprises IT organizations should they prefer to rely on managed service providers for their WAN services. These partners offer a turnkey managed SD-WAN solution, powered by Silver Peak, to manage their global hybrid network connectivity. Silver Peak managed service provider partners can leverage the versatility of the EdgeConnect platform to also deliver a co-managed service to enterprises that want to maintain some degree of access, visibility and control of their SD-WAN service.

With over 1,500 enterprise customer deployments globally, Silver Peak offers the most comprehensive range of SD-WAN implementation options ranging from DIY to fully managed solutions from the world’s leading MSPs.

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