SD-WAN Lightboard Video Series

These lightboard sessions are intended to help customers understand the different capabilities that Unity EdgeConnect provides to help them build a better WAN. These lightboards are technical in nature and can be viewed independently from each other.

Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution overview

Learn how Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect works and the benefits it provides to businesses by enhancing user experience and operational efficiencies. EdgeConnect provides flexible deployment models, predictable performance over any WAN transport, and simplified and consistent app-driven policies no matter where the app resides.

Accelerating and securing SaaS applications with Unity EdgeConnect

Poor SaaS performance and security can diminish the value of even the best apps. Silver Peak secure internet breakout and SaaS optimization features ensure optimal user experience by automatically and dynamically mapping SaaS IP addresses to branches in order to steer traffic to its destination using best path.

How SaaS Optimization feature works in SD-WAN Unity EdgeConnect

Discover how SaaS Optimization feature in the SD-WAN Unity EdgeConnect platform can help distributed enterprises optimize reachability and performance of SaaS apps. SaaS optimization feature provides optimal routing based on lowest latency for reaching that specific SaaS app. It is all done intelligently and dynamically without user intervention.

Delivering WAN optimization on-demand with Silver Peak SD-WAN

Deliver WAN optimization when you need it and where most required. WAN optimization (Unity Boost) is a feature embedded in the Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution allowing enterprises to optimize on an app-by-app and branch-by-branch basis. All resulting in reducing cost, enhancing app performance and user experience through latency mitigation and deduplication.

Orchestration of app-driven security policies with SD-WAN Unity EdgeConnect

Securing applications no matter where they reside is a key requirement for cloud-first enterprises. EdgeConnect orchestrates app-driven security policies based on built-in stateful firewall and simplified service chaining with cloud-based security gateways and next-generation firewall vendors.

The time is now for Silver Peak SD-WAN if you experience these three signs

As cloud-first enterprises embrace digital transformation, they must avoid hardware refresh, a network-centric infrastructure that is not app-aware, and glued orchestration that is not baked in the solution. Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect enables cloud-first enterprises to accelerate transformation in the most cost-effective way.

Migrating from legacy routers to Silver Peak SD-WAN EdgeConnect

Discover how Silver Peak EdgeConnect offers flexibility in migrating from legacy routers to SD-WAN. It can replace routers altogether, integrate with existing routers and appliances, and interoperate with legacy sites not yet SD-WAN enabled.

Silver Peak EdgeConnect drives the emergence of thin branch

The Silver Peak EdgeConnect is purposefully engineered to power today's cloud-first consumption of enterprise applications. The thin branch consolidates and orchestrates the consumption of network functions like SD-WAN, BGP routing, WAN optimization, firewall while protecting current infrastructure investment.

How to build a resilient branch with Silver Peak EdgeConnect HA cluster

Silver Peak EdgeConnect enables building a highly available and resilient branch architecture with its active-active cluster. No single point of failure on the LAN, WAN or appliance side. It brings the simplicity, operational efficiency and cost effectiveness of SD-WAN to the design.

Securing applications with Silver Peak SD-WAN EdgeConnect

Securing applications no matter where they reside is a key requirement for cloud-first enterprises. EdgeConnect has built-in stateful firewall and simplifies integration with security ecosystem partners. It enables orchestration of app-driven security policies. All leading to securing sites quickly while reducing errors, faster response to threats and automated app security.

Silver Peak First-packet iQ application classification enables Internet breakout

See how Silver Peak First-packet iQ enables organizations to reach cloud-based applications, SaaS, IaaS and trusted web traffic directly to the Internet from branch offices. It intelligently identifies applications on first packet and dynamically steers traffic to its destination on an app-by-app basis.

Silver Peak SD-WAN delivers predictable performance over any transport

Poor performance can diminish the value of even the best applications. Silver Peak forward error correction, tunnel bonding, integrated WAN optimization (Unity Boost), and SaaS optimization are some of the techniques used to deliver best application performance, availability and reliability experience over any transport including consumer broadband.

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