SD-WAN Lightboard Video Series

These lightboard sessions are intended to help customers understand the different capabilities that Unity EdgeConnect provides to help them build a better WAN. These lightboards are technical in nature and can be viewed independently from each other.

Simplifying Large-scale SD-WAN Deployments

Learn how Silver Peak enables cloud-first enterprises to accelerate, automate and simplify the deployment and management of large, global SD-WANs across multiple regions, supporting fine-grained application, network and security policies that align to business needs.

SD-WAN Use Cases for Healthcare

In this video, we will be discussing key use cases where a software-defined WAN built on the Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform can prove pivotal to improving the healthcare experience for patients and medical practitioners.

Delivering the Best Telemedicine Experience

Learn how the Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform with advanced WAN optimization techniques can deliver the highest quality of telemedicine experience for patients, first responders and medical practitioners.

Accelerating Transmission of Medical Imaging Files

In this lightboard video, we will discuss how the Silver Peak Unity SD-WAN edge platform with unified WAN Optimization can transmit images efficiently, reliably and securely over any type of transport, improving the quality of healthcare services.

Bringing New Clinics Online Quickly

In this short video, you will learn how the Silver Peak SD-WAN edge platform helps healthcare providers rapidly build secure and reliable networks with the ability to bring new clinics online more quickly to deliver the highest quality of experience.

Enabling HA for Workloads in Public Cloud

Learn how to deploy the Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform in a public cloud environment to provide increased bandwidth and high availability for workloads and applications hosted in public cloud services.

Scaling SD-WAN Infrastructure with Orchestrator Global Enterprise

In this lightboard video, we will discuss how enterprises can scale large SD-WAN fabrics with Unity Orchestrator Global Enterprise. Learn how the new member of the Orchestrator suite provides a highly scalable and flexible multi-tenant orchestration and management solution suitable for large enterprises, with multiple independent SD-WAN deployments of the Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform.

Turbo-charge your UCaaS Experience with SD-WAN

Learn how selecting a business-driven SD-WAN edge platform can turbo-charge UCaaS performance and help optimize the user experience for real-time UCaaS services.

Silver Peak and Zscaler Automate Security for the Cloud-first Enterprise

Watch this video to learn how Silver Peak and Zscaler deliver a secure SD-WAN that automates the configuration of cloud-hosted security services within Unity Orchestrator in a matter of minutes. This automation assures consistent security policies for all users, across all locations with true zero-touch provisioning, enabling optimal application performance by automatically adapting to changing business requirements. For IT, that means lower costs and simplified operations. And for users, it means fast, secure, and uninterrupted access to business-critical applications.

Automate connectivity to cloud networking with SD-WAN

The traditional VPN configuration model is manual and doesn't scale. Learn how Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect automates secure connectivity to cloud providers including AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle.

How to create SD-WAN security zones in EdgeConnect

SD-WAN security is a top of mind for customers. Today's security approach is fragmented, complex and expensive. With EdgeConnect, the approach is holistic and automated based on centralized orchestration of security policies across the LAN and WAN.

How to optimize quality of experience for IT using SD-WAN

The goal for enterprise IT is enabling agility and operational efficiency. A traditional router-centric model doesn't provide the best quality of experience for IT as the management and on-going operation tend to be manual and cumbersome. The centralized orchestration of business-driven policies, automation, machine learning, open API and real-time visibility optimize best experience for IT.

Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution overview

Learn how Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect works and the benefits it provides to businesses by enhancing user experience and operational efficiencies. EdgeConnect provides flexible deployment models, predictable performance over any WAN transport, and simplified and consistent app-driven policies no matter where the app resides.

Accelerating and securing SaaS applications with Unity EdgeConnect

Poor SaaS performance and security can diminish the value of even the best apps. Silver Peak secure internet breakout and SaaS optimization features ensure optimal user experience by automatically and dynamically mapping SaaS IP addresses to branches in order to steer traffic to its destination using best path.

How SaaS Optimization feature works in SD-WAN Unity EdgeConnect

Discover how SaaS Optimization feature in the SD-WAN Unity EdgeConnect platform can help distributed enterprises optimize reachability and performance of SaaS apps. SaaS optimization feature provides optimal routing based on lowest latency for reaching that specific SaaS app. It is all done intelligently and dynamically without user intervention.

Delivering WAN optimization on-demand with Silver Peak SD-WAN

Deliver WAN optimization when you need it and where most required. WAN optimization (Unity Boost) is a feature embedded in the Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution allowing enterprises to optimize on an app-by-app and branch-by-branch basis. All resulting in reducing cost, enhancing app performance and user experience through latency mitigation and deduplication.

Orchestration of app-driven security policies with SD-WAN Unity EdgeConnect

Securing applications no matter where they reside is a key requirement for cloud-first enterprises. EdgeConnect orchestrates app-driven security policies based on built-in stateful firewall and simplified service chaining with cloud-based security gateways and next-generation firewall vendors.

The time is now for Silver Peak SD-WAN if you experience these three signs

As cloud-first enterprises embrace digital transformation, they must avoid hardware refresh, a network-centric infrastructure that is not app-aware, and glued orchestration that is not baked in the solution. Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect enables cloud-first enterprises to accelerate transformation in the most cost-effective way.

Migrating from legacy routers to Silver Peak SD-WAN EdgeConnect

Discover how Silver Peak EdgeConnect offers flexibility in migrating from legacy routers to SD-WAN. It can replace routers altogether, integrate with existing routers and appliances, and interoperate with legacy sites not yet SD-WAN enabled.

Silver Peak EdgeConnect drives the emergence of thin branch

The Silver Peak EdgeConnect is purposefully engineered to power today's cloud-first consumption of enterprise applications. The thin branch consolidates and orchestrates the consumption of network functions like SD-WAN, BGP routing, WAN optimization, firewall while protecting current infrastructure investment.

How to build a resilient branch with Silver Peak EdgeConnect HA cluster

Silver Peak EdgeConnect enables building a highly available and resilient branch architecture with its active-active cluster. No single point of failure on the LAN, WAN or appliance side. It brings the simplicity, operational efficiency and cost effectiveness of SD-WAN to the design.

Securing applications with Silver Peak SD-WAN EdgeConnect

Securing applications no matter where they reside is a key requirement for cloud-first enterprises. EdgeConnect has built-in stateful firewall and simplifies integration with security ecosystem partners. It enables orchestration of app-driven security policies. All leading to securing sites quickly while reducing errors, faster response to threats and automated app security.

Silver Peak First-packet iQ application classification enables Internet breakout

See how Silver Peak First-packet iQ enables organizations to reach cloud-based applications, SaaS, IaaS and trusted web traffic directly to the Internet from branch offices. It intelligently identifies applications on first packet and dynamically steers traffic to its destination on an app-by-app basis.

Silver Peak SD-WAN delivers predictable performance over any transport

Poor performance can diminish the value of even the best applications. Silver Peak forward error correction, tunnel bonding, integrated WAN optimization (Unity Boost), and SaaS optimization are some of the techniques used to deliver best application performance, availability and reliability experience over any transport including consumer broadband.

Service Provider Lightboard Video Series

Enabling Service Providers to Monetize Multi-cloud Connect with SD-WAN

Service providers are challenged with providing connectivity to any SaaS application quickly, E2E SLA, off-net revenues and backup cloud connect. The EdgeConnect easily enables service providers to address these challenges and offer services to customers immediately.

Enabling Tiered Managed SD-WAN Services

Unity EdgeConnectSP helps service providers create new, tiered managed SD-WAN services to increase revenues and improve service agility. Tiered overlay software services include WAN optimization-as-service, branch office routing, analytics-as-a-service and advanced SD-WAN cloud connectivity for on-net and off-net locations. Drive more annual revenue per enterprise and increase customer "stickiness".

Managed Cloud Service Delivery with SD-WAN

Learn how a managed EdgeConnectSP SD-WAN solution enables service providers to offer high-performance service delivery for cloud-native applications. This managed cloud connect service extends security visibility and application SLA benefits from site-to-site to Cloud Services delivery by managing customer specific SD-WAN virtual instances in customer’s VPC for AWS, Azure or Google Compute.

Managed Hybrid SD-WAN Use Case

Deliver on-net and off-net application-specific managed hybrid SD-WAN services with Unity EdgeConnect. Service providers can offer a SLA for a managed SD-WAN service operating in a hybrid multi-transport (MPLS, LTE and broadband) network environment, broadening managed service offerings. The Silver Peak application-aware SD-WAN overlay model automatically steers traffic to its destination based on QoS and security policies according to business intent rather than relying on complex, inflexible routing protocols.

Unity EdgeConnectSP SD-WAN Solution Overview

Discover the unique capabilities and product differentiators of the Unity EdgeConnectSP SD-WAN solution. Components include: EdgeConnect physical or virtual appliances, EdgeConnect software, Unity Orchestrator which supports centralized management of EdgeConnect appliances from a service provider NOC, and multi-tenant Unity OrchestratorSP. The EdgeConnect application-aware software enables service providers to deliver a higher performance managed SD-WAN service for cloud-native applications by employing local Internet breakout for trusted SaaS traffic.

Flexible Service Provider SD-WAN Deployment Topologies

Learn how the Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnectSP solution can support the most flexible and comprehensive deployment topologies for service providers. Managed SD-WAN services for any single tenant, multi-tenant, multi-instance or multi-cloud deployment scenario. SD-WAN uses application-driven networking to optimize performance based on user-defined business priorities and policies that can support a full range of service deployments at scale. Using business intent overlays, a service provider can flexibly define the optimal service topology along with a set of policies, based on the needs of the applications. These include traffic classification, steering policy and other policies relating to resiliency, priority, performance, and security. SD-WAN deployments scale from metro to regional, national and global network topologies.

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