Service Provider Unity Orchestrator

Silver Peak OrchestratorSP is a secure, cloud-hosted, multi-tenant management Software-as-a-Service that enables service providers to centrally manage and monitor their managed SD-WAN service offerings on a global basis.

An intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) provides unprecedented levels of visibility, control and management for 1,000s of individual customers with the unique ability to centrally configure and manage secure SD-WAN deployments that are customized for each individual enterprise customer.

Key Features

  • Single Screen Administration: Automates the implementation of network-wide business intent overlay policies for each enterprise customer’s applications, eliminating manual device configuration at each individual branch location and enabling secure global administration of deployment assets (appliances and licenses)
  • Multi-tenant Management and Administration: Scales to support SD-WAN deployments for hundreds to thousands of individual enterprise customers
  • Live View: Monitors real-time throughput, loss, latency and jitter across SD-WAN overlays and the underlying transport services to proactively identify potential performance impacts
  • Real-time Enterprise Customer Monitoring and Historical Reporting: Provides granular visibility into application, location, and network statistics, including continuous performance monitoring of loss, latency, and packet ordering for each enterprise customers’ network paths

Accelerate Managed SD-WAN Deployments

Service providers face unprecedented demand for managed SD-WAN services and selecting an intuitive and flexible SD-WAN management platform can dramatically accelerate service deployments.

OrchestratorSP generates unique customer Orchestrator tenants to ensure flexibility in tailoring deployments to individual customer requirements. It securely isolates each customer’s SD-WAN configuration and performance statistics providing to assure robust security.

Each tenant Orchestrator enables secure zero-touch provisioning of Unity EdgeConnectTM appliances in each customer’s branch sites, providing full visibility, control and management of the entire SD-WAN service deployment.

Orchestrator automates the assignment of business intent policies for applications groups to accelerate connectivity across multiple branches, eliminating the configuration drift that can result from manually updating rules and access control lists (ACLs) on a site-by-site basis.

When branch offices are deployed as part of an SD-WAN or hybrid WAN, some applications may require higher performance levels, like accelerating replication data over distance for disaster recovery. The optional Unity BoostTM WAN optimization performance pack enables service providers to create tiered WAN service offerings that can be offered as a value-added software service on any EdgeConnect appliance. With a single mouse click in the Orchestrator GUI, service providers can enable enterprise customers to utilize Boost to accelerate application performance where and when it is needed.

The EdgeConnectSP SD-WAN solution also offers the option to service chain with third-party security appliances for additional traffic inspection to ensure a robust and secure SD-WAN solution. Orchestrator includes a drag and drop interface that enables service providers to automate and accelerate the service chaining of industry leading security partners’ advanced services (e.g. Check Point, Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, Symantec), secure web gateways (e.g., Zscaler, McAfee, Forcepoint and OPAQ Networks), and secure DNS (e.g., Infoblox) utilizing private secure encrypted IPSec tunnels.

Figure 1: Orchestrator<sup>SP</sup> enables service providers to globally manage and monitor SD-WAN offerings for thousands of enterprises
Figure 1: OrchestratorSP enables service providers to globally manage and monitor SD-WAN offerings for thousands of enterprises

OrchestratorSP delivers granular visibility into thousands of customer branch deployments for both data center and cloud-enabled applications. It provides the unique ability to centrally configure and manage secure SD-WAN deployments for each individual customer, while providing customized, segregated views and reporting.

Each Orchestrator tenant provides specific detail into WAN performance for each individual enterprise customer (Figure 2), including:

Figure 2: Orchestrator tenant dashboard provides status and details for each individual enterprise customer’s SD-WAN deployment
Figure 2: Orchestrator tenant dashboard provides status and details for each individual enterprise customer’s SD-WAN deployment
  • Detailed reporting on application, location and network statistics
  • Continuous performance monitoring of throughput, loss, latency, jitter and packet ordering for all network paths
  • Identification of all application traffic by name and location
  • Alarms and alerts allow for faster resolution of network related issues
  • Bandwidth cost savings report for documenting the cost savings of moving to broadband
  • Easy license management for provisioning licenses, upgrading or downgrading licenses with no service disruption to enterprise customers. Orchestrator tenants are isolated and independent from each other. Different tenants can run different releases and be upgraded on any schedule, any time.
  • Flexible billing options for service providers. For example, WAN optimization capabilities are enabled on an as needed basis from the Orchestrator. Boost is licensed on a per-mega-bit-per-second, per-month basis, so customers do not have to pay for WAN optimization across all sites within their wide area network.
  • The latest scale-out technologies providing virtually unlimited scalability as the number of tenants grows. It also supports a metered pay-as-you-grow pricing structure for managed service providers.
  • Service providers can resize the Orchestrator tenant on-demand, by allocating additional resources, to accommodate larger SD-WAN deployments.
Figure 3:  Unity Orchestrator<sup>SP</sup> Account Management allows to centrally manage SD-WAN customer deployments
Figure 3: Unity OrchestratorSP Account Management allows to centrally manage SD-WAN customer deployments

Real-Time Health Monitoring and Historical Reporting

Orchestrator provides specific details into SD-WAN health and performance for each managed enterprise customer, including:

  • An appliance dashboard that displays a centralized summary of appliances connected on the network, top talkers, applications, topology map and more
  • A real-time health map provides a high-level view of EdgeConnect appliance status and network health based on configured thresholds for packet loss, latency and jitter
  • Advanced monitoring and reporting tools to generate and schedule multiple customized reports to track a variety of performance metrics; reports may be scheduled on a regular basis and automatically sent to specific individuals or departments

Delivering Business Value and Service Differentiation

OrchestratorSP is a comprehensive multi-tenant, highly intuitive management platform for service providers that require scale-out deployments for managing large numbers of managed SD-WAN service customers. It incorporates all of the robust capabilities of the Silver Peak enterprise Orchestrator single tenant management platform.

OrchestratorSP provides an unprecedented level of operational efficiency by minimizing order-to-deploy- ment touch points with an intuitive GUI and cen- tralized SD-WAN configuration. It provides granular > visibility into customer networks enabling rapid response for troubleshooting and support issue resolution.

With OrchestratorSP, service providers are able to quickly realize the following benefits:

  • Secure, scalable multi-tenancy enables rapid custom deployment of new sites without re-architecting the solution or requiring any specialized IT expertise at each branch location
  • Easy onboarding of any number of new customers enables service providers to dynamically add a large number of enterprise customers as new tenants without re-architecting the solution and incurring additional capex
  • Global orchestration of application performance, security, and business intent policies across each customer’s SD-WAN, via both a rich GUI or a fully featured REST API enables faster service creation for new tiered services, network security assurance and improves time-to-revenue
  • Centralized visibility and management of SD-WAN resources and assets, as well as detailed performance monitoring of services and application performance yields higher customer satisfaction and an opportunity to attach additional value-added tiered services
  • Flexible Licensing and Billing enables easy license management for provisioning licenses, upgrade or downgrade licenses that results in better management of resources and higher customer satisfaction
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