Silver Peak Assist

Geographically distributed enterprises implementing an SD-WAN solution have a range of options for designing, procuring, deploying and managing ongoing operations. When an enterprise chooses a “do it yourself” (DIY) approach, the enterprise procures, owns, configures, deploys and manages the SD-WAN equipment, software and network connectivity. For an enterprise IT team that prefers to obtain professional technical assistance for their DIY deployment, Silver Peak Assist is an optional, rapid deployment service.

Silver Peak Assist

Silver Peak Assist is a subscription service that provides Silver Peak enterprise customers with technical assistance through the deployment phase of the Unity EdgeConnect™ SD-WAN edge platform. Silver Peak Assist is designed to help customers to assess their unique deployment needs, offer high level support through the deployment phase, and coordinate with certified Silver Peak partners for on-site deployments. This is a 24/7 virtual deployment “white glove” support desk for all Enterprise Customers and to ensure smooth and successful deployments.

Product Description: Silver Peak Assist (30-day license)

Product Ordering Number: 300524-001

Product Number: SPS-ASSIST-30D

Silver Peak Assist is sold as a 30-day subscription license. Silver Peak Assist can be purchased at any time, for support on any specific network.

An enterprise customer can then select from the following list of services tailored for their requirements:

Silver Peak Assist

Note that Silver Peak Assist services are delivered remotely and are not delivered on-site. For services that require on-site support, Silver Peak will refer customer’s to an Authorized Deployment Partners (ADP)

Benefits of Silver Peak Assist

Utilizing Silver Peak Assist can help reduce the time required by internal IT resources, mitigate delays in deployment and accelerate the time to realizing the full value of the Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform.

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