Silver Peak Tech Talk Webinar Series

Tech Talk

As cloud adoption continues to rise, WAN requirements are evolving to address rapidly changing traffic patterns. What if there was a way to use multiple forms of connectivity, including consumer broadband, and receive the same quality as a private line? Welcome to the complete SD-WAN solution – Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect.

This technical series will describe how Silver Peak can help organizations build and adapt their dynamically changing networks, and achieve peak performance while reducing costs. We'll take a deep dive into the multiple features of a complete SD-WAN solution and how they’re transforming today's networks.

TechTalk Session 1

SD-WAN: A New Way to Build a WAN Explained

"The explosion of cloud services, changing application traffic patterns, and customer demand for lower costs and more flexible WAN services has forced a rethink of the enterprise WAN."

TechTalk Session 2

Application Prioritization and Compliance Using Business Overlays

"A deep dive into the multiple features of an SD-WAN and how they are transforming today's networks. This week’s topic: Application Prioritization and Compliance Using Business Overlays."

TechTalk Session 3

Improving App Performance Across All WAN Transports

"Increase the performance of your wide area network and worker productivity with key features that allow you to improve application performance and define QoS profiles based on business policies to ensure that receive the priority, performance, and availability they require."

TechTalk Session 4

Internet Breakout: Sending SaaS Traffic Directly to the Internet Instead of Backhauling to HQ

"Learn how first-packet application classification enables intelligent breakout of trusted apps directly to the internet while still directing unknown or suspicious apps to corporate security services for further inspection."

TechTalk Session 5

WAN Opt from WAN op

"WAN optimization is all about improving application performance over distance and transporting large data sets efficiently. With WAN opt fully integrated with SD-WAN as a single solution, you can deploy it selectively where and when you need it."

TechTalk Session 6

Security and SD-WAN

"The Internet is notoriously insecure – we hear about security breaches nearly every day. Discover the multiple security features of a Silver Peak SD-WAN, architected to ensure that all traffic moving across broadband Internet is highly protected."

TechTalk Session 7

The Seamless Transition to the “Thin Branch”

"Learn how an application-driven SD-WAN simplifies the WAN edge architecture, delivers greater business agility and lowers costs."

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