Step Up to the New WAN

Join us for a recorded webinar featuring Dr. Jim Metzler, Distinguished Research Fellow at Ashton Metzler & Associates, as he discusses the future of the WAN and why now is the time to rethink the architecture in order to evolve/accelerate your business.

Why take the traditional approach to branch office expansion by relying on providers that can’t meet the urgency of your business needs? A new era has come where complexity, cost, flexibility and time-to-market are no longer a hurdle. Welcome to the world of the Software-Defined WAN.

Join this webinar featuring Jim Metzler, industry specialist to discover:

  • Why it’s time to re-architect your WAN
  • How today’s WAN infrastructure is failing IT
  • New market dynamics that the traditional WAN cannot support
  • A step-by-step approach to evolving your WAN with minimal disruption
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