Delivering Successful Network and Security Transformation with SD-WAN, NG SWG and SASE

Speakers: Sadik Al-Abdulla, McAfee & Derek Granath, Silver Peak

Enterprises continue to embrace digital transformation and the cloud, but today’s corporate networks were never designed for the cloud and fall well short on delivering the agility and security required to address the requirements of digital transformation. It is critical that enterprises not only secure applications in the cloud but also protect users connecting to these applications from any location or device and deliver the highest quality of experience through a distributed network that delivers high application performance and availability. In this webinar, we will discuss: * How and why organizations need to transform both their WAN and security architectures; * How SD-WAN and Next-gen Secure Web Gateways work together as part of a SASE framework to enable digital transformation; * Best practices on integrating SD-WAN with cloud-based security services to deliver a fast, reliable, and secure user experience; Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from experts at McAfee and Silver Peak, as they discuss a security and WAN transformation that will maximize your ongoing cloud investments, increase efficiency.