Technical Report: Dell Compellent + Silver Peak

Replication is fundamental to data protection and disaster recovery. Moving important data to a different geographic region helps protect business from natural and man-made disasters. In this paper we will review the problems that exist when replicating data over distance, how these problems impact Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and availability, and how Silver Peak’s replication acceleration software solves the problems.

Dell Compellent provides an efficient replication solution known as Remote Instant Replay, however, like all solutions that replicate data over a Wide Area Network (WAN), Remote Instant Replay is subject to the problems that exist when moving data over distance, specifically network quality and the amount of bandwidth.

By solving the problems that exist with replicating data over distance, Silver Peak enables Dell Remote Instant Replay to move more data, over a longer distance, and in less time. This paper also includes use cases, lab validation and best practices for deploying Silver Peak with Dell Compellent Remote Instant Replay.

Best Practices