Tru Blu Beverages Network Sparkles with Silver Peak Software

Tru Blu Beverages, whose Australian-manufactured soft drinks include Waterford, Pub Squash, LA Ice Cola and Wicked Energy Drink, has achieved sparkling results with Silver Peak WAN optimization software. Today the company is supporting its business on a lighter and lower cost infrastructure than competing vendors could achieve.

The daily average of 800 gigabytes (GB) of data pushed through the firm’s network shrinks to 100 GB when optimized by Silver Peak’s software. Overall data transfer is optimized by 91 percent, while HTTP is 96 percent optimized and email by 34 percent. Total replication is optimized by 57 percent and SIP traffic by 42 percent.

“We found no other vendor capable of optimizing all our network traffic like Silver Peak does,” said Joe Esposito, Tru Blu Beverages National IT Manager. “Riverbed and Blue Coat only really optimize web traffic and file servers. Very few vendors can handle VoIP, which runs on UDP, and few offer any packet correction or ability to improve latencies.”

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