Unity Orchestrator

Unity Orchestrator global management software offers customers the unique ability to centrally assign business intent policies to secure and control all Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect software-defined Wide Area Network

(SD-WAN) traffic. An intuitive user interface provides unprecedented levels of visibility into both data center and cloud-based applications.

Key Features

  • Single Screen Administration: Enables quick and easy implementation of network-wide business intent policies, eliminating many of the repetitive and mundane manual steps required to configure and connect remote offices and branch locations
  • Live View: Monitors real-time throughput, loss, latency and jitter across business intent overlays and the underlying transport services to proactively identify potential performance impacts
  • Granular Real-Time Monitoring and Historical Reporting: Provides specific details into application, location, and network statistics, including continuous performance monitoring of loss, latency, and packet ordering for all network paths; identifies all web and native application traffic by name and location, and alarms and alerts allow for faster resolution of service provider issues
  • Bandwidth Cost Savings Reports: Documents the cost savings for moving to broadband connectivity
Figure 1: Unity Orchestrator enables the automated distribution of business intent policies to multiple branch offices.

SD-WAN Deployments Done Faster

Orchestrator enables secure zero-touch provisioning of EdgeConnect appliances in the branch. Orchestrator automates the assignment of business intent policies to ensure faster and easier connectivity across multiple branches, eliminating the configuration drift that can come from manually updating rules and access control lists (ACLs) on a site-by-site basis. With Orchestrator, customers can:

  • Avoid WAN reconfigurations by delivering applications to users in customized virtual overlays
  • Align application delivery to business goals through business intent policies
  • Simplify branch deployments with EdgeConnect Profiles that describe the virtual and physical configuration of the location

Real-Time Health Monitoring and Historical Reporting

Orchestrator provides specific details into SD-WAN health and performance, including:

  • Appliance dashboard displays a centralized summary of appliances connected on the network, top talkers, applications, topology map and more
  • Health map provides a high-level view of EdgeConnect appliance status and network health based on configured thresholds for packet loss, latency and jitter
  • Monitoring and reporting tools to generate and schedule multiple customized reports to track a variety of performance metrics; reports may be scheduled on a regular basis and automatically sent to specific individuals or departments

Gain Control over the Cloud

Gain an accurate picture of how Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) are being used within the organization.

Figure 2: Unity Orchestrator Dashboard summarizes overall SD-WAN health, appliance status, topology and top applications.
  • Name-based identification and reporting of all cloud and data center-hosted applications
  • Tracking of SaaS provider network traffic
  • Cloud Intelligence provides internet mapping of optimal egress to SaaS services

Flexible Deployment

  • On-premise: Deploy Orchestrator as a virtual machine in an existing environment
  • Private cloud: Deploy Orchestrator as a virtual instance within Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Cloud-hosted Orchestrator: A Silver Peak cloud-hosted Orchestrator provides a highly reliable, zero-CAPEX alternative deployment model. With an optional license, organizations can subscribe to Orchestrator as a software service that supports all Orchestrator features without the complexity of managing on premise virtual compute and storage resource; unique Orchestrator instance for each enterprise customer ensures secure SD-WAN management, monitoring and reporting

Orchestrator Licensing

  • Unity Orchestrator is included with the purchase of Unity EdgeConnect ( see Unity EdgeConnect data sheet )
  • Optional cloud-hosted Orchestrator requires a separate subscription

Delivering Real Business Value

With EdgeConnect, Silver Peak is creating the most agile broadband SD-WAN that also powers industry-leading performance improvements to any form of connectivity. Silver Peak customers benefit from significant:

  • Performance: End-user satisfaction and productivity are significantly improved due to consistent and enhanced performance and availability for both legacy and cloud applications.
  • Visibility & Control: Customers benefit from unprecedented levels of visibility into both legacy and cloud applications.
  • Security: Business intent overlays segment traffic based on security policies and compliance requirements. Simplified service chaining integrates the EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution with industry-leading next-generation firewalls and secure web gateway services.
  • Extensibility: Fully compatible with existing WAN infrastructure hardware and transport services, customers can rapidly and non-disruptively augment or replace their MPLS networks with any form of broadband connectivity.
  • Savings: With EdgeConnect, customers can dramatically lower connectivity, equipment and network administration costs; these savings savings are achieved through:
    • Reduction in bandwidth costs by actively using broadband connectivity
    • OPEX: Reducing the time and expertise needed to connect branch offices
    • CAPEX: Reducing appliance sprawl and moving to a “thin branch” architecture
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