Moving to an SD-WAN

Non-Disruptive Migration is Possible

Adding SD-WAN to an existing WAN infrastructure couldn’t be simpler. With Silver Peak, it can be a seamless transition. During the migration, all existing WAN equipment, services and connections continue to operate as before. While it’s possible for EdgeConnect to replace existing WAN infrastructure, creating a virtual WAN overlay doesn’t require a forklift upgrade of existing routers or infrastructure at branch locations.

The virtual overlay also enables you to mix and match carriers by access technology and by geography, centralizing the management and administration of the entire WAN.

Silver Peak’s flexible deployment model allows IT to add EdgeConnect appliances, either physical or virtual, whenever and wherever new sites are added to the SD-WAN. Once authenticated and authorized, Orchestrator automatically configures and seamlessly merges them into the SD-WAN.

In other words, you can start immediately and migrate at your own pace, without disruption.

Putting it All Together: Building a Better WAN with Silver Peak

At Silver Peak, we help customers build better WANs, dramatically lowering costs, boosting business performance and accelerating time to value. Our architecture begins with a robust, secure SD-WAN foundation but doesn’t stop there. Unique innovations provide added performance, visibility and control, security and extensibility allowing you to:

  • Achieve cost savings and realize greater business agility
    • Redeploy CAPEX and OPEX efficiencies toward strategic business initiatives
  • Confidently embrace the internet and accelerate cloud initiatives
    • Seamlessly connect users to applications across the organization
  • Proactively secure business operations
    • Reduce risk of exposure for data and applications
    • Maintain compliance with business intent and policies
    • Segment applications by business function and need
    • Know your network and applications with deep visibility
  • Dramatically simplify IT Operations
    • Eliminate IT complexity across branch and remote offices
    • Seamlessly keep pace with bandwidth demands
    • Implement changes in real-time through automation
  • Increase business productivity and enhance end-user experience
    • Deliver uncompromised performance for data center and cloud applications
    • More productive and satisfied employees and users

Field Proven Solutions and Support


More than 2000 customers around the world rely on Silver Peak high-performance Broadband and Hybrid WAN solutions to keep their businesses running. With more than a decade of experience, our in-sourced technical assistance organization provides 24 x 7, follow-the-sun phone support whenever required. A global network of spares depots rapidly provides replacement hardware anywhere in the world. Silver Peak also provides extensive SD-WAN deployment training courses available on-site or on-line at no charge.