Zwanger Pesiri Embraces Dual Broadband; Architects an Application-Driven WAN Powered by the Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN Solution

Nation’s largest chain of radiology clinics architects a highly resilient broadband WAN; Scales bandwidth 5-10x, lowers costs by 33 percent and maintains business continuity

SANTA CLARA, Calif., February 12, 2018 – Silver Peak, the global leader in broadband and hybrid WAN solutions, announced today that Zwanger Pesiri has rearchitected its WAN, deploying an application-driven WAN edge powered by the Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution. With 24 outpatient radiology clinics located across the New York metropolitan area, generating 800,000+ imaging records annually, the firm’s WAN plays a critical role in enabling exceptional patient care and assuring 24/7/365 business operations. With its conventional router-centric WAN architecture proving unreliable and too costly and complex to manage, the firm turned to broadband and SD-WAN to address network and application performance and resiliency requirements, dramatically lower connectivity costs and fuel business growth and expansion.

Building a Modern WAN to Fuel Business Innovation, Growth and Expansion
In the migration of infrastructure and applications to the cloud, Zwanger Pesiri realized a core criterion in rearchitecting its WAN would be the ability to connect staff directly from each clinic to patient records and business applications hosted across its colocation data center and the cloud. The firm evaluated a range of SD-WAN vendors and selected the Silver Peak EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution based on its breadth and depth of advanced features and capabilities, including the ability to maintain network performance and resiliency service levels associated with generating a terabyte of new imaging records daily and accessing more than 1.2 PB of stored patient records dating back seven years. Routing interoperability with OSPF also proved a core criterion in maintaining business continuity and regulatory compliance throughout the firm’s transition to SD-WAN.

Embracing Cost-Effective High-Performance Dual Broadband
Seeking to future-ready its network, the firm’s IT organization was becoming increasingly frustrated with the subpar resiliency, inadequate bandwidth and the high costs associated with managing its conventional router-centric, MPLS-based WAN. With routine link brownouts and outages, its conventional WAN architecture was ill-equipped to maintain network and application service levels. After evaluating a range of broadband providers, the firm quickly achieved carrier independence and negotiated favorable long-term contracts to provide dual 500Mbps broadband links to each clinic, providing 5-10 times more available bandwidth at one third the cost of existing MPLS circuits. Beyond the dramatic connectivity cost savings, the firm has realized the following key business benefits from its EdgeConnect SD-WAN deployment and can now effectively:

• Service its network during normal business operating hours
• Quickly bring up new carrier’s and broadband links without business interruption
• Assure network and application performance, resiliency and service levels
• Empower clinic staff with real-time data to provide exceptional patient care

The end result: Zwanger Pesiri is now well positioned to expand its business this year without compromising on the performance and resiliency of its WAN.

“It’s a bit like a lottery when you do something novel without a whole lot of history or peer group examples, but it was clear to us that our conventional router-centric WAN was really holding our business back,” said Joseph Furnaro, CIO for Zwanger Pesiri. “In the case of Silver Peak, we were really impressed by the high level of engineering expertise underpinning the EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution. This gave us a high degree of confidence in our ability to seamlessly transition from our router-centric WAN to an application-driven SD-WAN. To date, we haven’t missed a beat in maintaining 24/7/365 network resiliency and business continuity along with our commitments to patients.”

“When we initially engaged with Zwanger Pesiri, it was clear that their router-centric WAN was the root-cause of a growing number of network outages that, in one instance, took half of their clinics offline, rendering them un-operational,” said John Vincenzo, senior vice president and CMO for Silver Peak. “With EdgeConnect, the firm is quickly transitioning to an application-driven active/active SD-WAN edge that will assure the network performance and resiliency required to deliver exceptional patient care, maintain business continuity and scale as the firm expands and grows.”

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