Stop Getting Routered

The ‘80s called. They want their router back.
Stop Getting Routered

Modern business runs in the cloud. But traditional WAN routers weren’t made for that.

Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect is primed for the cloud. In fact, it’s the industry-leading SD-WAN solution that’s freeing businesses from their dependency on routers.

  • Easily connects users to the cloud
  • Simplifies IT operations
  • Integrates SD-WAN, WAN optimization, routing and security
  • Eliminates link interruptions, brownouts and blackouts

EdgeConnect is application-driven, so it automatically learns and adapts to constantly changing network conditions. It’s no wonder, it’s the preferred choice for over 600 corporations around the world.

So, save money and lose the hassle of routers by switching to Silver Peak.

Find out what EdgeConnect can do for your business.

Architecting an Application-Driven WAN Edge White Paper

Join Wayne on his mission to help enterprises move beyond the router to Silver Peak.