Stop Getting Routered

  • Conventional routers.
    Designed back when a cloud
    was just a thing in the sky.

  • Modern business runs in the cloud. But traditional WAN routers weren't made for that.

    Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect is primed for the cloud. In fact, it's the industry-leading SD-WAN solution that's freeing businesses from their dependency on routers.

    • Securely connect users directly to the cloud

    • Simplify IT operations and lower overhead

    • Integrated SD-WAN, WAN optimization, routing and security

    • Eliminates link interruptions, brownouts and blackouts

    Read our white paper and learn about how EdgeConnect is application-driven, so it automatically learns and adapts to constantly changing network conditions. It's no wonder, it's the preferred choice for over 1,000 corporations around the world.

    How to Architect an Application-driven WAN Edge

    So, save money and lose the hassle of routers by switching to Silver Peak.

  • White Paper: Architecting an Application-Driven WAN Edge

  • Join Wayne on his mission to help enterprises move beyond the router to Silver Peak.