SPX Course Description

Silver Peak eXpert (SPX) Course Description

The SPX course is packed with 13 hands on labs over the three day period. You’ll install and configure Silver Peak WAN optimization clients and the GMS management software in your own individual lab network. You’ll monitor traffic flows, learn what to look for, and troubleshoot your network when your instructor inserts commonly found problems.

Here’s a detailed outline:

  • Wan Optimization Terminology
  • Silver Peak Overview
  • Wan Optimization Technologies
    • Network Acceleration, Network Integrity, Network Memory
    • Flow Processing
    • TCP Acceleration: TCP Window Scaling, Selective Acknowledgements, Round-Trip Time Measurements, High Speed TCP, Proxy & Acceleration
    • CIFS Acceleration
    • Loss Mitigation Using FEC
  • Design & Preparation
    • Bridge Mode
    • Router (Out-of-Path) Mode, including PBR, WCCP and VRRP
  • VLAN Trunking
  • GMS and Appliance Deployment Considerations and Topologies
    • GMS installation (GX-V on VMware)
    • GMS Configuration and Deployment: adding and managing appliances, Auto-Discovery
    • Appliance Installation (VX on VMware)
  • Template Groups Explained:
    • Route Policy Templates (RPT)
    • QoS Policy Template
    • Optimization Templates
  • Using Auto Features
    • TCP Auto-Optimization
    • IP Auto-Optimization
    • Auto Tunnel
  • Bandwidth Management & QoS
  • SSL Deduplication
  • System Management & Logging
    • SNMP for Appliances and the GMS
    • Managing Users
    • Communication Security
    • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Troubleshooting
  • SPX test

Course Prerequisites

In order to complete the course successfully, the student must have a good basic understanding of networking, including:

  • The TCP/IP protocol suite
  • Subnetting
  • Basic troubleshooting and connectivity commands e.g. ping and traceroute
  • Basic Microsoft windows operation, including IE and windows explorer

Students with intermediate networking and troubleshooting experience, basic familiarity with virtualization, knowledge of common L2 and L3 topologies, routing policies and redirection, will be more successful extracting fine detail from the course.

For More Information

To register for a class, or additional information on Silver Peak training and certification:

Visit our website at: http://www.silverpeaksystems.com/Support/training.asp or email us at: training@silver-peak.com

Note: Course content and descriptions are subject to change without notice.