Tunnel Bonding

The Unity EdgeConnect™ Small (S) is a compact form factor thin edge appliance that serves to build an SD-WAN fabric using zero touch provisioning. It supports MPLS, 4G/5G/LTE, and internet-based hybrid WAN data paths and a control plane that is automated and secured by Unity Orchestrator™ management software to provide policy-based virtual network segmentation and acceleration of on-premise and SaaS cloud applications. .


WAN Bandwidth Capacity (all features + encryption)

10 to 1,000 Mbps

Simultaneous Connections



Disk Drives

SSD — dual

Power Supplies

EC-S-P: Single and dual redundant options

EC-S: Single

As cloud-based application adoption continues to accelerate, geographically distributed enterprises increasingly view the wide area network (WAN) as critical to connecting users to applications.

As enterprise applications migrate from the corporate data center to the cloud, private line connections such as multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) have proven to be overly rigid and expensive. With greater reliance on the internet, the opportunity to achieve “cloud speed” is better served by integrating broadband services into the WAN transport mix.

Westcon-Comstor, a global distributor of IT and networking solutions, needed higher availability and performance in its WAN. By deploying the EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform, replacing MPLS at most sites with 100 percent broadband and implementing Boost WAN optimization, Westcon gained a tenfold increase in available bandwidth, cut file transfer times by 98%, and ensured high quality of service for its VoIP system.

Westcon-Comstor gains up to tenfold increase in available bandwidth, and boosts application performance while reducing MPLS dependence with Unity EdgeConnect

With more than 20,000 reseller partners around the world, Westcon-Comstor is a powerhouse in the distribution of category-leading security, collaboration, networking, and data center IT solutions.

USANA increased application performance fivefold and cut WAN costs by $30K/month by retiring branch routers and consolidating on Unity EdgeConnect

In a world where nearly everyone is moving fast, finding time (and energy) to keep up with proper nutrition is increasingly difficult. Even those who make the effort to prepare wholesome meals, eat their fruits and veggies, and drink plenty of water can still come up short on meeting all their daily dietary requirements. That’s where USANA Health Sciences comes in.

Jamaica Broilers boosts network performance 20X and improves uptime to over 99 percent with Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform

In many parts of the world, having a roast chicken on the dinner table is a weekly event. Freshly dressed poultry is plentiful in nearly any grocery. But in Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean during the 1950s, the idea of walking into a store and picking up a chicken, already plucked, cleaned and ready for seasoning, was revolutionary.

LEO A DALY increases branch-to-branch throughput 40 times while reducing monthly WAN costs by 45 percent with Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform

Entegra Bank increased bandwidth fivefold and cut WAN costs by more than 50 percent by leveraging the Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform to embrace 100 percent broadband and retire branch routers

The Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN platform provides Gerresheimer up to 3X faster network speeds with 100 percent uptime while reducing WAN costs substantially

swyMed gains cellular signal quality of over 90 percent with Unity EdgeConnect, enabling EMS teams to initiate live consults with remote medical experts


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