Enterprise: Sharepoint

Remote Collaboration in Real Time

While SharePoint is a robust platform for collaboration and information, accessing data, retrieving large files, and collaborating remotely can prove frustrating. Silver Peak WAN optimization can solve this. By minimizing latency over distance, minimizing bandwidth consumption, and prioritizing key traffic, Silver Peak makes collaboration with SharePoint efficient and effective, even when it’s encrypted.


  • Encrypting SharePoint traffic, or for that matter any client-server traffic is even more important today than before; users work beyond the security of corporate walls while more security threats originate from within them. But encryption algorithms also cause problems by rendering application traffic largely immune to deduplication algorithms. Companies can end up with a secure application that responds like a slug over long distances. 
  • Web applications have become richer over time, including more interactive data with larger embedded images and file attachments. In addition, many client/server applications have a substantial amount of code that must be downloaded to the client browser before operation. All of these attributes make it increasingly difficult to deliver web applications across a WAN.