Enterprise: Structured Query Language (SQL)

Speed Up Queries and Database Transfers

Silver Peak provides a variety of optimization techniques that improve the performance and reliability of all database environments (Microsoft, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase and others), delivering 20X average improvement on SQL queries and 50X improvement on database backups and SQL replication. This is achieved by using deduplication to minimize the transfer of repetitive data, TCP acceleration to minimize the chattiness of SQL operations, and QoS to ensure databases transaction are prioritized during periods of congestion. With Silver Peak, you can:

  • Improve data transfer times for faster SQL queries and database backups
  • Maximize WAN efficiency
  • Ensure data is secure when transferred over the WAN using IPsec encryption



  • The Structured Query Language (SQL) is a standard method of conveying information to and from relational databases. In many instances, these databases are centrally located, requiring SQL transactions to take place across a Wide Area Network (WAN). In addition, enterprises often replicate and/or backup databases across the WAN to ensure maximum data protection in the event of a disaster. 
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  • Progressive Financial Services has deployed Silver Peak data center class WAN optimization to accelerate file transfers, optimize communications and ensure application integrity between multiple offices and its data center.