Enterprise: Branch Optimization

Optimize Applications and Network Performance for Branch Office Users

Branch offices have long posed a challenge for distributed organizations, a challenge that will only grow as organizations enter new markets and expand into existing ones. Typically those challenges present themselves in one of two ways: issues with finding cost-effective connectivity and getting applications to perform well over distance. Silver Peak delivers WAN solutions that address both these unique challenges of getting the most out of branch offices.

Unity EdgeConnect solves the connectivity problem by enabling an enterprise to use the most cost-effective form of connectivity available. Additionally, the zero-touch deployment and automated business intent policy configuration features enable enterprises to turn up branch offices quickly and with limited manual involvement. The faster branches are turned up, the faster users and applications can become effective.

Silver Peak WAN Optimization techniques also optimize the performance of cloud and legacy applications over distance. All Silver Peak SD-WAN and WAN optimization solutions simplify branch office WAN deployments and provide users in the branch with consistent application performance. 

Over time, enterprises can move to a “thin branch” by leveraging Unity EdgeConnect. The highly secure and intelligent nature of a Silver Peak broadband WAN reduces the need for additional routers and firewalls at the branch. 

Unity EdgeConnect

Creates an SD-WAN that enables customers to move to a broadband WAN at their own pace, whether site-by-site or via a hybrid WAN approach that leverages both MPLS and broadband Internet connectivity.
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VX Virtual WAN Optimization Appliances

Silver Peak VX virtual WAN optimization software combines the cost and flexibility benefits of virtualization with the performance gains delivered by Silver Peak's industry-leading WAN optimization technology.
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