Enterprise: Cloud Migration

Quick, Cost-Effective Data Migration to the Cloud and Between IaaS Providers

Migrating data between data centers or into the cloud can be slow and expensive. Data can get lost or compromised, putting your projects at risk. With Silver Peak, you don’t have to worry. We use real-time deduplication and compression to minimize the amount of data being moved, while overcoming latency and congestion issues that limit data throughput. Accelerated encryption with AES-256 IPsec VPN  and SHA-1 authentication can be deployed simply between Silver Peak instances in the cloud for secure communication.  As a result, Silver Peak data acceleration ensures that data migration happens quickly, cost-effectively and securely. 

Data Migration

Support for Multi-Cloud Deployments with Silver Peak Unity

Enterprises should maintain redundant copies of data on premises and at different cloud providers for their mission-critical data. But setting up a direct connection between IaaS vendors is complex. Without the intervention of specialized cloud migration service providers, data may need to be “backhauled” from one IaaS host through a VPN connection to the on premise data center, and then sent out through a second VPN connection to the other IaaS host. Each provider may charge for data transfer.

With Silver Peak Unity, migrating data from one cloud provider to another is now possible without backhauling to the data center. While some data transfer fees may apply, they will be nowhere near the cost of having to migrate the same data twice.

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