Enterprise: IaaS Optimization

Extend your WAN into Infrastructure as a Service

Traditionally, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) users were focused on development and test, and taking advantage of quick spin-up and re-configuration of workloads with no upfront cost. Now, CIOs are setting strategic directives to move into the cloud. Even for large enterprises, IaaS can now deliver increased operational efficiency, software-based agility, and sufficient compliance and security.

But IaaS still has it challenges. Connecting the data center to different IaaS providers for data protection and migration can be difficult. Migrating data between the data center and one or more cloud providers is fraught with network performance issues and data charges. And users have limited visibility and control of the IaaS infrastructure.

Silver Peak Unity for IaaS Optimization

With Silver Peak Unity, you can connect, visualize and control what’s going on in your IaaS presence. Silver Peak software optimizes IaaS without adding a lot of complexity or requiring additional tools or services to purchase.  Silver Peak currently supports Amazon Web Services, VMware vCloud, and Microsoft Azure

A better way to connect to IaaS  

Deploying Silver Peak virtual software instances into IaaS hosts provides a consistent and simplified way to connect your data center to the cloud. Instead of managing complex firewall configuration rules, you can place a Silver Peak virtual software instance in your data center at each cloud provider.  Then it’s easy to establish a secure IPSec VPN connection. You won’t have to configure or manage the cloud provider's default gateway. You won’t have to make sure your data center firewall is on the Cloud provider’s list of supported equipment.  And you won’t have to ask another IT department to setup the tunnels for you. 

Silver Peak’s VPN uses high performance edge-to-edge encryption based on IPsec with AES-256 encryption and SHA-1 authentication. This advanced IPsec VPN with NAT traversal enables direct connection between cloud providers. With Silver Peak, you can avoid complex configuration at the cloud virtual private gateway. 

Support for multi-cloud

Enterprises should maintain redundant copies of data on premises and at different cloud providers for their mission-critical data. But setting up a direct connection between IaaS vendors is complex. Without the intervention of specialized cloud migration service providers, data may need to be “backhauled” from one IaaS host through a VPN connection to the on premise data center, and then sent out through a second VPN connection to the other IaaS host. Each provider may charge for data transfer.

With Silver Peak, migrating data from one cloud provider to another is now possible without backhauling to the datacenter. While some data transfer fees may apply, they will be nowhere near the cost of having to migrate the same data twice.

Visibility and control

Silver Peak provides real-time and historical analysis of WAN performance, including detailed reports on bandwidth, latency, and packet loss. With Silver Peak, IT administrators can monitor the performance of all IP traffic traversing the cloud and export key information to third-party systems using NetFlow. Silver Peak’s management tools complement existing WAN analysis capabilities used by cloud service providers.

A platform for SaaS optimization

As part of the Silver Peak Unity fabric, Silver Peak software instances installed at IaaS providers and enterprises offices form an overlay across the Internet and private carrier services. Silver Peak’s new SaaS Optimization service updates those instances with real -time information about the cloud services, creating an Internet weather map for intelligent routing decisions. Instead of critical traffic bouncing around the Internet, incurring additional delays and packet loss, Unity identifies the optimum path across the fabric based on organizational requirements.

Data acceleration and optimization

WAN optimization is critical to cloud computing because it addresses the bandwidth, latency and WAN quality issues described above. Silver Peak’s long-standing heritage building real-time network optimization techniques is ideally suited to maximize cloud application performance across the Internet while minimizing enterprise networking costs. 


  • Works across all your networks regardless of whether they are private MPLS services, Internet VPNs or private line
  • Path Conditioning fixes the effects of network congestion. Adaptive Forward Error Correction reconstitutes dropped packets in real-time while Packet Order Correction re-sequences packets that may traverse multiple paths across the network
  • Data Reduction reduces bandwidth consumption by as much as 40x. WAN compression and deduplication inspects all traffic in real-time, eliminating repetitive transmission of duplicate data
  • Accelerated Encryption protects data in transit without degrading performance. Data is protected with AES-256 encryption and is packetized in such a way as to avoid the fragmentation issues that often degrade IPSec performance. SHA-1 is used for authentication.
  • Web-based GMS provides centralized orchestration of WAN deployments, advanced application classification, and detailed performance metrics
  • Traffic shaping and policy enforcement allows prioritizes critical traffic classes while constraining recreational or personal-use traffic classes


  • Shorten downloads and improve the quality of experience for IaaS users
  • Affordable for every enterprise no matter how many users. One low-price per IaaS instance
  • Easy to acquire, easier to deploy by downloading a Silver Peak instance running VXOA 7.1 in minutes from the Silver Peak virtual marketplace
  • Secure IaaS data in transit without degrading performance. An accelerated IPsec VPN security protects data with AES-256 encryption and fixes the fragmentation and performance issues that normally undermines IPSec
  • Align IaaS performance to business priorities