Use Case: Internet with Local Breakout

Managed MPLS service for medium and high priority applications

This SD-WAN use case employs a managed MPLS service for medium and high priority applications that are in region or out of region while lower priority applications use broadband.

Untrusted or suspicious applications can be backhauled to the corporate data center corporate firewall and IDS/IPS for additional inspection or the application traffic may be dropped at the branch before being directed over a broadband internet connection. For SaaS applications, Silver Peak first-packet application visibility software identifies this traffic and breaks it out from the branch directly to various SaaS providers over the public Internet. Other local applications requiring best efforts internet such as Guest Wi-Fi, Facebook or YouTube connections are terminated on the broadband Internet service at the branch.

SD-WAN Internet Breakout with QoS

Bonding MPLS and Internet linksImprove reliability and performance of business applications
First-packet application identification directs SaaS traffic to Equinix/SaaS providerDeliver SaaS performance SLAs
Guest Wi-Fi/Social MediaReduce risk of security breach & IT policing


  • Enterprises continue to move applications to the cloud. Knowledge workers now regularly use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications such as Office365, Salesforce and Workday, access email from cloud-hosted services, store documents and backups on Box, Dropbox or the like. ERP and CRM systems are primarily cloud-hosted today. Enterprises increasingly choose Infrastructure as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions for lower costs while increasing IT agility.