Why Silver Peak

  • Struggling to realize the true transformational promise of the cloud?

    Shift to a business-first networking model from Silver Peak and liberate your applications from the compromises of existing WAN approaches to accelerate your business.

Today’s Choices Force Compromise

Router-centric WAN has hit the wall and can’t keep up

Basic SD-WAN offerings fall short—good enough won’t deliver what you really need


    Router-centric Model

    Businesses are forced to conform to the constraints of the network


    Networking Model

    Businesses liberate applications to realize the full transformational promise of the cloud


    Basic SD-WAN Model

    Businesses settle for features that fall short of what they really need

Why Forward-thinking Business Leaders Choose Silver Peak

With a business-first networking model, the network enables the business, rather that the business conforming to the constraints of the network. The network becomes a business accelerant that is fully automated and continuous, giving every application the resources it truly needs to ensure the highest quality of experience for end users and IT.

Only Silver Peak delivers on all four key differentiators.

  • Business intent drives your applications, not your network, and network resources are priority-driven to match the business criticality of every application.

    • Top-down approach: performance, security and routing dictated by top-down business policy, not bottoms-up network constraints

    • Application-specific routing: ensures business intent overlays power a virtual WAN for every class of application

    • Centralized orchestration: delivers sophisticated management and reporting

  • We ensure the highest quality of experience for both end users and IT.

    • Highest quality of experience for users: always consistent, always-reliable application performance as well as the highest quality of voice and video, even over broadband

    • Highest quality of experience for IT: high availability and resiliency means IT reclaims weekends and sleeps through the night

  • Using artificial intelligence and self-learning, we go beyond automation and templates to a power a self-driving wide area network that gets smarter every day.

    • Real-time response: eliminates the impact of brownouts/blackouts as monitoring and analytics detect changing conditions, triggering immediate adjustments

    • Adaptive internet breakout: automated updates for millions of applications ensures users can always connect to every applications without IT intervention

  • Unity EdgeConnect is designed from the ground up as one system, uniting SD-WAN, firewall, segmentation, routing, WAN optimization and application visibility and control in one platform.

    • Centralized orchestration: complete observability of your entire wide area network through a single pane of glass

    • Rapid deployment: consistent hardware, software, cloud delivery models; interoperable with full and open APIs

    • Broadest security ecosystem: Check Point, Forcepoint, McAfee, Opaq, Palo Alto Networks, Symantec and Zscaler

Real World Business Outcomes

  • $1.4M

    Saved in WAN costs, 15% increase in application performance

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  • 75%

    Reduction in WAN traffic,
    4x-6x increase in bandwidth

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  • 50%

    improvement in image application performance, 40 percent lower costs

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