• Does Your WAN Deliver a Multiplier Effect on Cloud Investments?

  • Shift to a modern business-driven WAN edge that yields maximum value from your existing and ongoing cloud and digital transformation initiatives.

  • Maximize the Multiplier Effect
    with a
    No-Compromise WAN Strategy

For 15 Years, Silver Peak has been the Agent Of Change

for Building a Better WAN by Delivering No-compromise WAN Transformation

Six Foundational WAN Transformation Requirements that Maximize the Multiplier Effect

Eliminate the Tradeoffs Associated with Legacy WAN Architectures

The multiplier effect from WAN transformation combines two core elements: Economics and Agility x Reliability and Control

  • Economics + Agility | Reliability + Control
    Economics + Agility | Reliability + Control

The Result: Maximum Return on Cloud-first Digital Transformation Investments

  • Value of WAN Transformation

    Value of WAN Transformation

    • - Use of multiple forms of transport

    • - Reduce branch equipment

  • Business Impact

    Business Impact

    • - Lower WAN edge costs

  • Reduce network and app downtime

  • Revenue, Net Promoter Score (NPS) increases

  • Lower impact of poor performing links

  • Employee productivity, billable hours improvement

  • Accelerate SaaS application adoption

  • Market share, revenue growth, churn decreases

  • Maximize ecosystem investments

  • Efficiency gains, faster ROI, risk profile decrease

  • Bring down indirect costs

  • IT tickets and support cost reductions, refocus of IT on strategic priorities

Why Leading Enterprises Choose Silver Peak

  • Multiplier on Cloud Investments

    Multiplier on Cloud Investments

    Agility and economics of public infrastructure with the control and reliability of dedicated resources

  • Manage Continuous Change

    Manage Continuous Change

    Architected to manage change: fully autonomous WAN driven by business-intent

  • Focused, Dedicated Specialists

    Focused, Dedicated Specialists

    Modern WAN innovation and transformation backed by a history of industry firsts

  • Freedom of Choice

    Freedom of Choice

    Any transport, any cloud, any deployment model; best of breed partners with one-click integration

  • Silver Peak Goes Three for Three

    Silver Peak, now part of Aruba, named a Leader for the third consecutive year in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge infrastructure

The Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN Edge Platform Delivers No-Compromise WAN Transformation

  • Business-driven SD-WAN Edge
  • Business-driven SD-WAN Edge

    Business priorities are always reflected in the way the network behaves; business intent drives applications and network resources

  • Delivers Highest Quality of Experience
  • Delivers Highest Quality of Experience

    End users enjoy always-consistent, always-available application performance; IT reclaims nights and weekends with high availability and resiliency

  • Continuous Adaptation
  • Continuous Adaptation

    Applies advancements in automation and machine-learning to power a self-driving wide area network that gets smarter every day

  • A Single Unified Platform
  • A Single Unified Platform

    Designed from the ground up to unify SD-WAN, firewall, segmentation, routing, WAN optimization and application visibility and control

Real Business Outcomes

  • When I presented the business case for Silver Peak SD-WAN to our board it was one of the fastest approvals I’ve ever seen. This is what a technology investment is supposed to do—enable a higher level of service at lower cost.

    Daniel Hereford, Chief Information Officer

    June 2019

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  • We really liked the Orchestrator user interface because it’s templated. Orchestrator makes it a lot easier to push out standardized configurations centrally using a common set of templates, and know it’s going to work.

    Greg Taylor, Senior Network Engineer

    May 2019

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  • The second we bring up the EdgeConnect platform, people at sites that traditionally had performance problems are just amazed at the speed of their applications. In many cases we’re seeing a fivefold improvement in application performance.

    Mark Taylor, Network Manager

    January 2019

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  • In the healthcare industry, the data that we hold is more valuable than financial information. With Silver Peak we liked not only the technical suite, but the ability to link into Zscaler. Wrapping Zscaler around our internet-facing traffic to give us cloud security made perfect sense.

    Dan Morgan, IT Operations Director

    May 2019

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  • The speed that we can bring up new sites with EdgeConnect is critical to help the company expand and compete more effectively.

    Shawn Dunn, Director of IT

    May 2019

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  • EdgeConnect ensured the ease of use in the deployment using centralized software-based orchestration, we were able to do carrier migrations at our sites without business interruption. Our uptime is incredible. Contention and network issues are very rare now.

    Michael Soler, Senior Infrastructure Manager

    April 2019

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