• Zero to 400 in Just Two Weeks

    TrialCard shifts to a Work-from-Anywhere SD-WAN

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    Reliably and securely connecting remote users to applications and services is not a trivial task. In responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises must work quickly to support a “work-from-anywhere” use case, or, at a minimum, address the immediate requirements to support remote users. It’s critical that network managers architect the network appropriately to deliver a consistent high quality of experience to remote workers.

    This webcast will showcase how pharmaceutical solutions leader TrialCard responded quickly and efficiently to support an immediate transition to a remote workforce to continue supporting its customers. TrialCard extended its SD-WAN deployment to 400+ remote call agents, going live in under two weeks, all while maintaining business productivity and continuity.

    TrialCard shifts to Work-from-Anywhere SD-WAN in Just Two Weeks

    Watch the on-demand webcast to learn:

    • How TrialCard shifted 400 call agents to a work-from-home network in 11 days

    • How to deliver LAN-like quality of service for voice calls into employee homes over consumer-grade broadband

    • How TrialCard is further extending its SD-WAN to support an additional 400 remote workers

  • Learn how to extend your SD-WAN

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