Enterprise: Video

High Quality Video Streaming and Conferencing

Video applications can present numerous challenges for distributed enterprises. For example:

  • Video on Demand and streaming video are sensitive to packet delivery conditions, such as jitter and packet loss.
  • Both on-demand video and streaming video consume substantial bandwidth, which can quickly fill up an entire WAN connection
  • Videoconferencing is highly sensitive to jitter, packet loss and latency, resulting in poor video quality

Silver Peak improves the video experience in the following ways:

  • Multicast with Network Memory. Silver Peak eliminates the transfer of duplicate information across the WAN. For example, if 100 clients in an office are accessing a video stream, the first video stream is transferred and the remaining 99 sessions are eliminated, reducing network traffic substantially.
  • QoS is used to prioritize traffic and guarantee appropriate bandwidth to groom traffic as it enters the WAN. This reduces jitter and latency, enabling time-sensitive applications like video to be deployed in conjunction with other enterprise traffic..
  • Network Integrity protects traffic from packet loss due to network congestion, eliminating pixelation and dropped video sessions.


Featured Products

  • VX WAN Optimization Software

    VX Virtual WAN Optimization Software

    Silver Peak VX WAN optimization software supports the full list of Silver Peak WAN optimization features. Use Silver Peak VX software to build a Silver Peak Unity WAN fabric for integrating your enterprise WAN, the Internet and the cloud, and to optimize every SaaS application.

  • NX WAN Optimization Appliances

    NX Appliances for Application Acceleration and Replication Acceleration

    Silver Peak NX WAN optimization appliances are the industry's highest-performance WAN optimization solutions, delivering three-times the WAN performance and capacity of the nearest competing products. Silver Peak Software for Life program means you can convert NX appliances to VX software at anytime for free.


  • Real-time applications, like video streaming and videoconferencing, currently account for over 30% of a typical enterprise’s application mix (Source: Gartner), and are expected to grow faster than any other type of traffic in the coming years. 
  • WAN optimization is about more than TCP. You can optimize UDP applications, too, if you have the right solution. In this video, you can see what Silver Peak does for streaming video and other real-time (non TCP) traffic.
  • C2C, a Globecomm company, is specialized in Satellite communication solutions, and owns and operates a Teleport in Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands. C2C serves customers globally, connecting them worldwide via turnkey satellite solutions. C2C ensures that no matter how remote the location, companies have excellent quality of data, voice and internet connectivity. Customers contract with C2C because individual attention is given to each and every service C2C runs on a 24/7/365 basis. C2C’s customer base include companies in the oil, gas and mining industry, shipping companies, blue chip corporations, telecommunication solution providers, government organizations and telecom operators. 
  • Accelrys Optimizes VDI and Replication over Distance