• Voice and Video over Broadband

    Deliver the highest quality performance for voice and video over broadband

  • Turbo-charge your UCaaS Experience with SD-WAN

    Inconsistent performance for UCaaS applications impairs user productivity and business agility. The Unity EdgeConnect™ SD-WAN edge platform delivers the highest performance, availability and end user quality of experience for UCaaS applications over any WAN transport, including consumer broadband.

Broadband Internet, an Unlikely Companion for Unified Communications Services

  • Garbled Voice

    Unintelligible VoIP calls impair user satisfaction and business productivity

  • Pixelated Video

    Poor quality video sessions defeat the purpose of face-to-face communications

  • Lost Connections

    Re-initiating voice and video sessions halts business and floods IT with help tickets

Prime Time Voice and Video Performance, even over Consumer-grade Broadband

  • Toll-quality VoIP

    Deliver pristine voice quality over any WAN transport, including consumer broadband

  • Crystal Clear Video

    Reliably stream uninterrupted real-time video, even across degraded underlay links

  • Continuous Communications

    Deliver unified communications consistently and cost-effectively, even if an underlay fails

EdgeConnect Delivers Consistent Application Performance and Availability over any Transport

  • Voice and Video Mean Opion Score Chart

    Unity EdgeConnect™ delivers toll-quality VoIP even when underlying links experience high levels of packet-loss.

  • Highest Quality of Experience

    Predictable Application QoS

    Reduced Help Desk Calls

    To learn more, download the Miercom Report and see why the EdgeConnect platform sets an impressive bar for reliable high-quality VoIP performance, even under significantly degraded WAN transport conditions.

    Miercom Performance Verified

Embrace Consumer Broadband without Compromising Voice and Video Quality

  • Tunnel Bonding

    • Bond any combination of two or more WAN transport links
    • Virtual overlay delivers greater performance than underlying links
    • Utilize all available bandwidth
  • Path Conditioning

    • Forward Error Correction to reconstruct lost packets
    • Packet Order Correction to re-order out-of-order packets
    • Broadband links perform as well or better than private circuits
  • Traffic Shaping

    • Map voice and video to a high availability virtual overlay
    • Assure quality of service and optimize bandwidth utilization
    • Continuous transport monitoring automatically adapts to changing conditions
  • Sub-second Failover

    • Dynamic path control to continuously monitor links for degradation
    • Sub-second link failover to assure uninterrupted voice and video sessions
    • Maximize application uptime to improve business efficiency

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