• Replace Conventional Branch Routers with Unity EdgeConnect

    A Unified, Centrally Managed SD-WAN Edge Platform

The Router-centric WAN Has Hit the Wall


    Born for another era

    Cumbersome, complex device-by-device management stretches and stresses IT resources

    Falls well-short of the goal of achieving a fully automated business-driven network


    Designed for today's multi-cloud enterprise

    Unifies SD-WAN, firewall, segmentation, routing, WAN optimization, application visibility and control in a single platform

    Delivers the highest Quality of Experience for end-users and IT

The Router-centric WAN was Never Designed for the Cloud

  • Bottoms-up Approach

    Application delivery — and the business — must conform to the constraints of the network

  • Complex

    Deploying new applications or defining new policies across 10s to 100s to 1000s of sites requires endless hours of manual programming

  • Expensive

    Managing disparate network edge devices consumes IT budgets and resources

A Business-driven SD-WAN Edge Platform — Designed for Today's Multi-cloud Enterprises

  • Top-down Approach

    Business intent drives the way the network behaves to deliver the highest application performance over any transport

  • Simple

    Centralized orchestration, utilizing automation, machine learning and AI to deliver the highest Quality of Experience to users

  • Cost-effective

    Deliver 10x the bandwidth for the same budget

The Industry's Only Unified SD-WAN Edge Platform

Unity EdgeConnect

  • SD-WAN
  • SD-WAN

    Deliver the highest Quality of Experience over any transport

    • Secure, local internet breakout connects branch users directly to trusted SaaS and IaaS services

    • Continuous monitoring and self-learning deliver optimal application performance even during transport brownouts or outages

    • Zero-touch provisioning enables rapid deployment of new branch sites

    • Centralized orchestration delivers a seamless, holistic implementation of multiple network functions

  • Security
  • Security

    Centrally define and orchestrate granular security policies

    • Define a master security policies template to segment users and applications across the WAN

    • Centrally push security configurations to sites to minimize human errors

    • Automatically push and apply unique security policy configurations to all sites

    • Drag and drop service chaining to the industry's broadest security partner ecosystem

  • WAN Optimization
  • WAN Optimization

    Industry-leading Unity Boost™ WAN optimization performance pack

    • Provision WAN optimization where and when it's needed on an app-by-app basis

    • Accelerate latency-sensitive applications

    • Reduce transmission of repetitive data

    • Lower WAN optimization costs with a flexible licensing model

  • Routing
  • Routing

    Complete routing interoperability to ease migration to SD-WAN

    • Replace dedicated routers across branch sites

    • BGP and OSPF routing interoperatbility to connect to sites not yet migrated

    • Reduce transmission of repetitive data

    • Seamlessly interoperate with newly acquired business units

  • Visibility and Control
  • Visibility and Control

    Complete observability of your entire WAN from a single pane of glass

    • Centralized dashboards and customizable widgets provide real-time visibility into network and application performance

    • Detailed health maps enable administrators to quickly identify the root cause of performance bottlenecks

    • Historical analytics and reporting assist IT in network planning and troubleshooting

  • EdgeConnect centralizes orchestration of network functions in a single platform, liberating enterprises from the compromises of router-centric approaches to transform the network into a business accelerant

Reduce Operational Overhead to Accelerate Cloud and Digital Initiatives

  • Router Replacement


    Save up to 40 percent on hardware, software, installation, management and maintenance costs

  • Faster Deployment


    Bring new sites and applications online in minutes, not days

  • Augment/Replace MPLS


    Actively use broadband, saving up to 90% on WAN transport costs

  • WAN Optimization


    Up to 50 percent savings on WAN opt costs, applied only where/when it's needed

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