Cloud Networking

Unifying the Enterprise WAN, the Internet and the Public Cloud

All cloud initiatives have one thing in common – applications and data are centralized, while the users are distributed. As enterprises shift more computing workloads to the cloud, and as departments outside of IT access more SaaS services over the Internet, the network becomes more complex and IT staff begin to lose visibility and control over that traffic. The IT organization cannot troubleshoot problems or optimize applications the way they would on their own network.

Silver Peak Unity

Silver Peak Unity is a groundbreaking intelligent WAN fabric that unifies the enterprise network with the public cloud.  Unlike traditional WAN optimization solutions, Unity correlates information about cloud services and Internet “weather” to intelligently route traffic over a secure, optimal path. By keeping SaaS and IaaS traffic on the Unity fabric, IT gains an ability it’s never had: the ability to monitor and control connectivity to the cloud while ensuring consistent SaaS performance.

Monitor. Gain visibility and insight into everything happening on your WAN. This includes SaaS applications being used by departments outside of IT, otherwise known as "Shadow IT." 

Control. Prioritize business critical traffic while restricting recreational or personal use traffic. 

Optimize. Silver Peak's heritage in data reduction and path conditioning technology is applied to the new expanded WAN that includes Internet and cloud services. This gives users consistent performance for all applications, including SaaS.



  • Optimizes every SaaS application, including Office 365 and, and new applications are constantly being added.
  • Support for leading IaaS providers, including AWS, VMware vCloud and Azure.
  • Advanced Exterior WAN Routing identifies the closest egress to SaaS data centers and directs traffic over an optimal path.
  • Advanced Interior WAN Routing dynamically selects the fastest, least-congested, or most available path for traffic by monitoring packet loss, latency, and bandwidth in real-time.
  • Cloud Intelligence subscription service delivers information about SaaS applications to Silver Peak software instances, creating an Internet weather map for intelligent routing decisions.
  • Data Reduction compresses and deduplicates all traffic in real-time, eliminating repetitive transmission of duplicate data.
  • Path Conditioning applies Adaptive Forward Error Correction to reconstitute dropped packets in real-time while Packet Order Correction re-sequences out-of-order packets.
  • Traffic Shaping classifies appliations and prioritizes critical traffic classes while constraining recreational or personal-use traffic classes.
  • Global Visibility provided by Silver Peak's Web-based GMS provides centralized orchestration of WAN deployments.
  • Works across all networks, including MPLS, Internet VPNs or private lines. Unity finds the best path for any SaaS application.


  • One price for all SaaS applications. Accelerate Office 365, and any other SaaS application with one fee per enterprise.
  • CIOs and IT management gain visibility and control over all SaaS and IaaS implementations.
  • Enterprise users gain the consistent performance they need for SaaS, with quicker file transfers and fast screen refreshes.
  • Align SaaS with IT priorities.
  • Lower cloud usage costs. Silver Peak saves you thousands of dollars every month by eliminating over 50% of WAN traffic.
  • Extend distances to cloud. Is your closest IaaS provider hundreds (or thousands) of miles away? Don’t worry - with Silver Peak it feels like next door.
  • SaaS Optimization. Use IaaS and cloud hubs to build a Silver Peak Unity fabric and optimize SaaS applications.
  • Silver Peak helps you migrate data to the cloud quicker than ever. With 20x more average throughput and support for up to 1Gbps and 256,000 flows means the largest data transfers take days instead of hours.